Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ready or Not Here Jesus Comes.

My favorite thing about living a life for Jesus is things are completely unexpected. Last night I was reading from the book of John and a question shouted loudly to me. Am I ready for the life that Jesus has called me to? Am I ready to put my faith to the test?

If you have ever played on any sort of team you understand how much work and effort it takes. You spend numerous hours practicing, perfecting the skills you are good at and improving the ones that you lack. When it comes to game time, you hope that your hard work has paid off. You eagerly warm up and sit on the bench, hoping that the coach will put you in. The moment that the coach yells your name, you start to question whether or not your hard work and skills will pay off. Rather then spending time dwelling on it, you go into the game and play with what you have. 

Let's look at this from a Christian perspective. We are the players, or God's servants, and Christ is the coach. We spend our lives following Jesus, trying to imitate his life to the best of our ability. We spend plenty of time sitting on the bench, waiting for Jesus to loudly call out his purpose to us. When Jesus calls us or leads a certain way we question whether or not we have the ability to live the life he has called us. But then we learn that whether we are ready or not, life comes and has struggles and triumphs. Jesus gives us things that we must overcome with Him. 

I've been learning that we have to be ready at all times. No, we will not and cannot live perfect lives as Jesus did, for we are sinners of the world. However, with that said, it is our duty to be ready for whatever Jesus calls us to. I have been encouraged by others and the Word to keep on keeping on. The Lord has things planned for our lives that we do not have planned for ourselves. It is our duty as Christ followers that we are in the Word constantly and have a good prayer life. When things happen in life whether good or bad, you will be ready.


  1. This post is so good Taler! So proud of your faith COUSIN!


  2. Love the coaching and sitting on the bench analogy!