Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Things every Woman of God Needs: #1

There is so much beauty in watching the Lord transform, nurture and bless your life in ways that you never thought possible. What is even more incredible is that as we follow a life after Christ, we can never stop learning, because we are creatures who long for knowledge and wisdom. As women, whether young or youthfully old (age is but a number), it is vitally important to have things in your life that are constantly leading you to better your relationship with Christ; because it is never finished. Our love story with the Lord is one that is constantly being written and revised. In the next few weeks I want to share with you some things that the Lord has showed me that are vital to my relationship with him. The first is time in the Word.
Life gets busy and I can't imagine what it will be like when I am a working mom and wife. College is crazy enough trying to balance my social life with work and then I suppose homework should be included too ( I mean that is the point of college...right?!). Whatever is keeping you busy, I understand. Every woman does. Life gets in the way, even when we have the best of intentions. However even with those good intentions we often neglect the things that are the most important and in this case it is spending time with the One who created us. How are we supposed to find who we are in Christ if we don't make time for the Word? The answer? We can't. It doesn't matter if you are superwoman with superpowers. We cannot grow in wisdom if we aren't in the Word.
"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." - Hebrews 4:12
Woah, the word of God is alive and active!  I am jumping for joy as I write this.How cool is that? Even after thousands of years this precious document has been preserved and is good as new. Friends it is so powerful, just as it says here in Hebrews. When we take time to read God's truth it reveals the things that we need to re-evaluate in our lives. If you want a heart and attitude check, read God's word.
Ladies, the Lord has so much for us all to learn, together and separately in Him. It seems comedic to me that we spend so much time searching for affirmation and wisdom from anywhere other than the Bible. This year I learned just how much Jesus longs to be in relationship with us, but it is completely up to us whether or not we want to fully commit the time and energy. He wants to scratch beneath the surface and dig deep into the depths of our souls. If you want to pursue that deep relationship with Jesus then spending time soaking in his Truth is vital; without it our relationship will never reach it's full potential.
The Word gives us everything we need to know about how to live life according to God's will. Reading the Bible shouldn't be something we do just to check it off the list so we can say we did it for the day. No, the Word is food for our spiritual bodies. We should long and yearn to spend time alone with the One who created us. Without it, our spiritual lives shrivel up and die. I know that seems a bit dramatic but it really isn't. Jesus came to earth to die for ours sins and offers us eternal life; therefore we should be doing everything we can to make our relationship our first priority. After all, our earthly relationship will pass away; however our relationship with Jesus is eternal! Praise the Lord for that!
Wherever you are in life and in relationship with Jesus, I pray that your hearts would be convicted. I pray that your everyday lives would include spending time with Jesus digging deep into the Bible and listening to what the words are saying for your heart specifically. Let your hearts be filled and encouraged by his words, for they are beautiful.
  In Christ, Taler Ray  

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